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Пытаться описать музыку словами – всё равно, пытаться станцевать архитектуру. Но чтобы передать...
После того, как Universal поглотила несколько компаний, которым принадлежали мои записи, у меня...


When I get aroused, I can make a headline
When you play it loud, I can feel the bassline
I only caught a glimpse, I only saw your outline
Loved you ever since, I fell for you from behind
Running round barefooted
Gonna catch you up again
Running round barefooted
Gonna catch you up again
Too much alcohol, couldn't get your name right
Didn't care at all, seein' you in the daylight
When your daddy calls, I was on the breadline
Didn't care at all, see you at the deadline
Say hello, say hello
I've been sold on a long lost love that will never die
I've been told it'll die but I don't know when
Don't forget your goals, altering your hemline
No good for your soul, no good for your waistline
Look in your heart, look in your mind's eye
Tear it all apart, watch the fashions fly by
Say hello, say hello
[Repeat chorus]
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