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"It's Not Difficult"

You don't know where to look
You feel upside down
Her number's in the book
You could turn her down
It's unfair, she answers your prayer
You never gonna ask again
She's on tap, you never relax
You'd trade cut you don't know when
It's just typical of a love affair
You cut her no slack, she never talks back
She makes you come right away
You both unpack ignoring the fact
Your planning every word you say
It's difficult to imagine why
You're so critical, have another try
How you burn, she can't come out to play
No one warned you love could hurt this way
You think you're off the hook
But she can turn you 'round
She says the table's booked
You're about to drown
It's just typical of a love affair
Such a ritual, happens everywhere
I will never come 'round to your door
I know you won't be there anymore
You made your bed, you came and did
You got more than you bargained for
You over react, you both step back
You feel like you've been through a wall
It's not difficult to imagine why
It's just difficult to be satisfied
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